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Village of Mendon – Founded in 1856

Our town is located on the beautiful St Joseph River in St Joseph County and has many tourist attractions. With a population of 870 people our town sits on one of the original Potawatomi Indian sites. The Village Office is located at 206 West Main Street (M-60) here in town.

206 West Main Street Mendon, MI 49072 Phone: (269) 496-4395 Fax: (269) 496-8391

Village Board

 Village President Kitty Buchner
 President Pro-Tem Kirk Spence
 Trustee Dwight Ames
 Trustee Lon Huffman
 Trustee Barbara Moran
 Trustee Mike Leo
 Trustee Mike Southworth
 Village Manager
 Village Treasurer/Clerk Betty Stienbarger
 Village Assessor Dale Hutson  (269) 432-2834

Village Inspectors

Electric Ron Bellaire (269) 663-3429  
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Mechanical John Dobberteen (269) 625-7648  
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Plumbing John Dobberteen (269) 625-7648  
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Building Randy Schmeling (269) 625-3260   
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Monthly Meeting Dates

Time of Month Date Time
Village Council 2nd Monday September 10, 2018 7:00 PM
DDA 4th Monday September 24, 2018 7:00 PM
Township 1st  Tuesday October 2, 2018 7:00 PM

As part of the State of Michigan’s new municipal finance requirements, the Village of Mendon is now providing a “Dashboard” to the local community, which displays several measurements that provide a view of the overall quality of life trend in the community Citizens Guide and Consolidation Plan.
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