The DPW completed leaf pick up on Monday, November 21st. Anyone with leaves may take them to the compost area or burn them on designated burn days:  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday only  

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Become a Member of the Mendon DDA

The DDA Board is looking for new members – any one interested  and lives within the DDA district can contact DDA President Todd Haynes or Village Manager John Hyden.

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Improper Compost Usage

Due to complaints of improper use of the compost area, the Village has installed a locked gate at the entrance. If you need to use the compost area  you can obtain a key at the Village Office.

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Even Michael Jordan Picked Up His Toys

Anyone with portable basketball hoops the DPW staff asks that you please make sure they are placed well back from the street so that they do not hinder any work the DPW may need to do with water services or street work.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Noise Ordinance Information

The Village has adopted a noise ordinance including vehicle stereos and exhaust, house parties and gatherings, and any disturbance of the peace. If anyone is interested they may request a copy of Ordinance #149 from the Village Office.

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Do you recall, not long ago we would walk on the sidewalk…

With School back in session – just a reminder that residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks.  Thank you for making it safe for our children to walk to and from school.

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Compost Site

The compost site is open during regular village business hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   Any Village resident may obtain a key to the gate for after hour or weekend use from the Village Hall.

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Downtown Facade Grant Update

We had 28 downtown businesses take advantage of the fully funded facade grant. Several businesses are in the process of putting up new awnings which will give the Village a new refreshed look. If you haven’t taken advantage of the facade grant yet please note that the final date for turning in applications is September [...]

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Rockin’ Like a Hurricane

Just a reminder that if you have any tree limbs that have fallen due to inclement weather or ones that you have pruned – put them out near the road and the DPW department will pick them up for you.

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