Mendon Village & Mendon Township Residents Only

Transfer Station Rates

Effective 04/01/2024

Hours of Operation *April- October* Saturdays 9AM- 1PM

Trash Bags- Each- $5.00/Large

Trash Barrels-        $20.00/55Gal

Small Pick-up-        $35.00/Level W/Box

Full Size Pick-up-   $50.00/Level W/Box

Small Appliances- $20.00

Large Appliances- $30.00/ NO FREON!!

Recliners- $20.00

Sofas – $40.00

Mattresses – $30.00

*Transfer Passes are based on a Level Full-Size Pick-up Load*

Trailer/Large Loads will be based on $30.00 Per Cubic Yard Price

(Cubic Yards in feet=X Width X Height- divided by 27 equals cubic yards)

Residents without access to a truck may use a small utility trailer (average2 yards) with transfer pass.

Absolutely NO Tires, Batteries, Paints or Toxic Materials

Sticks, branches, and brush are allowed for free

All yard waste goes to the Compost Site.