Mendon Village & Mendon Township Residents Only

Transfer Station Rates

Effective 04/01/2022

Hours of Operation *April- October* Saturdays 9AM- 1PM

Trash Bags- Each- $5.00/Large

Trash Barrels-        $10.00/55Gal

Small Pick-up-        $30.00/Level W/Box

Full Size Pick-up-   $45.00/Level W/Box

Small Appliances- $12.00

Large Appliances- $28.00/ NO FREON!!

Recliners- $12.00-Sofas and Mattresses- $25.00 Each

*Transfer Passes are based on a Level Full-Size Pick-up Load*

Trailer/Large Loads will be based on $25.00 Per Cubic Yardage Price

(Cubic Yards in feet=X Width X Height- divided by 27 equals cubic yards)

Absolutely NO Tires, Batteries, Paints or Toxic Materials

Sticks, branches, and brush are allowed for free